Animal Hospital In New Rochelle

New Rochelle deserved something new, something special, something powerful. Here, you will find an environment that is much closer to a family feel than a workplace. However, we also believe passionately in the power of cutting-edge science and technology to do amazing things for animal healthcare. It is deeply important to us that you feel at home here, cared for, and that you have full confidence that your pet is receiving the best medical care available in the industry. We are excited to meet you, and to show you how bright the future can be.

I absolutely love this vet office. The doctors and staff are wonderful. I live in NYC and travel here to take my dog Phoenix in for her annual exams and vaccinations.


Best vet experience I’ve had so far, especially since change of ownership. Our cats, of which one has anxiety issues, seemed both pretty comfortable with Dr. Doherty. She also followed up with us after the visit to see how cats were doing! Great service!!


Very impressed with Dr. Schwartzreich- He is a good and decent man. Have always had dogs, and like the consistency of a vet who knows his business, treats you fairly and is patient and compassionate with my animal, (who is my best friend). Dr. Schwartzreich fills a big void in New Rochelle for a competent Vet. Highly recommend!


New Rochelle Animal Hospital is great. Dr. Schwartzreich is amazing. He is so thorough, caring and understanding. We have been bringing our English bulldog there for a couple years now and Dr. Schwartzreich has by far been the best doctor.


I knew Dr. Schwartzreich in grade school. He had a royal standard poodle named Shana, that was without doubt one of the best dogs ever. She went everywhere with him, always going out on walks. This dog was one of the “crew”. My point is that I know this vet is an animal lover, who is in the business of medical practice for animals only because he loves animals. That’s the kind of vet you should support, because he will use your support to save and heal as many animals as he can.



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