Stress Free Boarding

They’re gonna love it.


Board with The Best

When you board your dog or cat with us, you know you will be leaving your pet in phenomenal hands. And because we are the owners and operators of an animal hospital, you know that your pet will have access to phenomenal veterinary care at all times should they need it. You can rest easy – our team truly loves animals, and we will treat your pet like they were our own. Taking care of your pets is what we love; it’s why we come in to work, and it’s why you can feel great about boarding your pet with us!

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How it Works

  •  Our pet boarding and day stay friends are kept in clean and sanitized runs, kennels or cages depending on their size and your preference.
  • We walk them outside to use the bathroom 2-3 times per day.
  • We will administer any medications that your pet needs, for a small fee. Make sure to bring them with you!
  • We can also provide medical treatments or services while your pet is boarding with us. All pets must be current on vaccines and be free of external parasites to stay with us for both boarding and day stay.
  • We provide all pets that stay with us blankets and towels.
  • We feed our pets a high quality intestinal diet to reduce intestinal distress that can sometimes come from being separated from their families. You can also feel free to bring your pet’s regular diet and we will be happy continue it.
  • Drop off times are 8:30am-5pm. Please remember we are closed on Sundays and holidays.